All pieces blown on our zero gravity blow pipe- Patent Pending
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Tim McFadden

Tim McFadden Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer and MMI tech development specialist oversees all glass production and addresses any glass related technical issues that develop. Tim addresses any problems in product manufacturing. He also works towards the development of new products and uses for the MMI tech and is responsible for training new glass production staff. After winning the Bernstein Business Plan Competition upon graduating from Salisbury Tim opened his glass studio that has grown into a local success story.

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Check back as we share our journey in the creation of this original custom fusion shop.

The Glass Faucet

The Glass Faucet!!

There are many new applications of ZGC’s new Glass/Metal fusion Technology. With this particular application we have developed a new way to...

Getting a Utility Patent

Wow! Getting a patent is no easy thing. The entire process takes years, and thousands of dollars. Our decision to seek legitimate IP protection...

American Craft Council Show

Our work was starting to take shape, we had a couple finished pieces and it seemed like a good Idea to apply for a...