All pieces blown on our zero gravity blow pipe- Patent Pending
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Aric Wanveer

Aric Wanveer – Co-Founder, Managing partner & Chief Executive Officer oversees day-to-day operations of the company as well as development and execution of company strategy. He also works closely with Tim McFadden on the development of new products, and the refinement of the MMI tech. After Aric graduated from Towson University he spent seven years working in the studio of sculptor David Hess learning all aspects of the business of being a metal fabricator and artist. It was eventually time to break out, so along with Tim they developed the Magmabond technology and began work creating the Permabulb. Aric’s first priority is seeing that the Permabulb and Magmabond technology as a whole is seen, understood and adapted by the glass manufacturing industry at large.

Aric’s Metal Shop

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Check back as we share our journey in the creation of this original custom fusion shop.

The Glass Faucet

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American Craft Council Show

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