All pieces blown on our zero gravity blow pipe- Patent Pending
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About the Company

Zero Gravity Creations is a design company, based in Baltimore, Maryland, focusing on the fusion of glass and metal. We have been absorbed in the development of our new patent pending Magmabond technology based on the metal mounting insert (MMI) for the past few years. It has grown far beyond what we had intended with our first experiments and will continue to develop and grow into the projected future. Our metal/glass fusion technology has so much potential that it is impossible for us to simultaneously develop all of the amazing things that we can do with the MMI. We have to start with what we feel will have the greatest impact and is within our means to develop. It is with these two points in mind that we set out to develop what is now the PermaBulb LED lighting system. This elegant solution to LED lighting will redefine the word light bulb and change the way the world is lit.

The mission of Zero Gravity Creations, LLC (ZGC) is to develop innovative products and uses our patent pending Magmabond technology. The Magmabond allows ZGC to physically fuse glass and metal together ultimately creating a single new product or component. Our current products include the Permabulb LED lighting system, Hand sculpted functional glass faucets, Grand water fountains made of glass spouts and floating light bulbs, custom glass knobs & hardware, one of a kind sculpture, architectural enhancements, even illuminated blown glass beer tap handles. These are just the products that we have had time to develop and produce to date using the Magmabond technology; but this is only scratching the surface of what is possible. Through licensing of the pending MMI utility patent, ZGC will allow this technology to become a standard method of production in the lighting, glass, and general manufacturing industries, while retaining its own custom production brand. As the company grows we will continue to develop new products based on the Magmabond tech and work with the appropriate partners to bring these new products to life.”

Aric Wanveer- Metal


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About Aric

Tim McFadden- Glass (McFadden Art Glass)

Tim McFadden

About Tim

Aric cutting a new blow pipe for Tim to blow the fusion glass pieces on

A Note From Aric and Tim: If you see something you like, we can make it for you. Additionally, please use the images in the gallery not only as specific examples of work available for purchase, but also as starting points for pieces built specifically for you and your needs in your space. These designs show some of what can be done, but not all. Think, dream and give us the chance to amaze you

From Our Blog:

Check back as we share our journey in the creation of this original custom fusion shop.

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