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Glass Faucets

Posted on August 29th, by Rachel in Glass Faucets, Portfolio. Comments Off on Glass Faucets

Today glass faucets are among the most exclusive and expensive designer bathroom fixtures money can buy. While many of the current products on the market are aesthetically pleasing they are very limited in design capability due to their technical requirements and are incredibly expensive to produce. ZGC has developed technologies, which make it possible to bring impossible ideas to life. The faucets, sinks and water fixtures by ZGC are unlike any other combining the strength and versatility of metal with the elegance and beauty of glass. Our bathroom pieces are glass and metal sculptures doubling as functional water fixtures. Since there is so much flexibility in the glass sculpting process we have a wide variety of design capabilities which allow us to offer custom water fixtures in almost any form and size.

We offer a variety of products from our affordable Elegant models available in a selection of colors; The Flower Series a group of our limited edition designs to our truly luxurious one of a kind Custom pieces designed specifically for your space and your tastes.

Here is a short video showing just how strong and durable the faucets are:Durability Testing movie

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