Zero Gravity Creations

Zero Gravity Creations, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a parent organization of several smaller brands and an international patent holder. Our most popular patent technology is Magmabond, which utilizes a metal mounting insert (MMI) to fuse glass and metal permanently. We’ve also developed the PermaBulb LED lighting system to transform the lighting industry.

As we continue to experiment and explore our technology, we are starting smaller brands to promote specific applications. Our potential is limitless and we have every intention of exploring every possible application for our technology.

Our Brands

Tapologie logo


Using glass, metal, and proprietary technology, Tapologie creates one-of-a-kind fixtures, furniture, and custom glass faucets. This is just the beginning of what we can do. Everything is custom made and designed to enhance your overall vision. Find out how we can specifically help you by exploring our work. Tapologie’s team of in-house expert artisans guide customers through the design process to take full advantage of the proprietary technology. Clients can request fully custom designs, or choose from select options depending on budget and design preferences. Learn more about Tapologie.



Hyperion’s Torch

Hyperion’s Torch is Zero Gravity’s marine and military research brand. Exact details about this organization are still under development and this page will be updated when finalized.



Magma Build Studios

Magma Build Studios creates custom spaces using mixed materials and natural elements. We elevate the ordinary and transform commercial spaces, installations, lighting and furniture. Work with us to bring any design vision to life.


Zero Gravity Creations
101 W. Dickman Street, Suite 900, Baltimore MD 21230